Microgrids – Stand-Alone / Off-grid / Edge-of-Grid

When large-scale power generation is not readily available, local generation can be installed and made reliable by supplementing battery storage (which can handle day-to-day variations in renewable supply and power demand by the microgrid) with a large amount of energy stored as hydrogen.

The hydrogen allows long-term power, for example when there are long periods of low supply (or high demand) that would exhaust the batteries. This can be on timescales from hours to seasons according to the local conditions. A microgrid works best when it has several complementary generation (eg wind + solar and perhaps hydroelectric) and storage (eg batteries + hydrogen fuel).

It is ideal to be able to both generate hydrogen (when there is excess power supply but the batteries are full) and utilize hydrogen (for continued reliable power when power supply is insufficient and the batteries are getting low). Hydrolite Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells are two low cost solutions that can make a microgrid reliable and affordable.