Completed Projects

  • ARPA-E REFUEL – Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell

    ARPA-E REFUEL – Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell

    In this program we developed a direct ammonia fuel cell to efficiently convert ammonia to electricity for electric vehicles and other applications. The team developed new materials, including low-cost, high-performance hydroxide exchange membranes that can maintain stability near 100°C and novel ammonia oxidation catalysts. Hydrolite developed a Direct Ammonia membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) featuring advanced membranes and electrocatalysts, as well as designing and building the prototype direct ammonia fuel cell system for fuel, air and water supply and temperature control at operating temperatures above 100℃.

  • Transportation Electric Propulsion Solutions (TEPS)

    Transportation Electric Propulsion Solutions (TEPS)

    The Israeli Office of the Prime Minister and the Innovation Authority funded this successful consortium developing hybrid Fuel Cell – Battery and Fuel Cell – Supercapacitor power delivery systems. Hydrolite provided fuel cell and supercapacitor devices to the hybridization program and contributed to the overall system design, build and demonstration.

    Consortium Partners: TADIRAN BATTERIES, ELECTRIC FUEL, Bar Ilan University (BIU), Tel-Aviv University (TAU), TECHNION, ARIEL UNIVERSITY Center

  • IIA Fuel Cell Stack EUREKA program

    IIA Fuel Cell Stack EUREKA program

    In this program HYDROLITE developed a high-performance AEM fuel cell stack featuring advanced flow field design, alkaline-suitable stack/MEA sealing processes and water cooling in a stack design suited to up to full automotive (ca. 100kW) power output.