Hydrolite Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator


Hydrolite Electrolyzer  Hydrogen Generator

Hydrolite Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator – eHG – is a low-cost, high-simplicity electronic hydrogen generator. Input only water and power – from your renewable generator or provider for certified Green Hydrogen – and generate hydrogen fuel for the Hydrolite Full Cell System – FCS, or for any other hydrogen applications.

Low up-front costs, operations expenses

Hydrolite’s advanced AEM technology provides a high performance device with very low capital expenditure, while maintaining the generation efficiency of more expensive technologies. The combination of aqueous alkaline conditions and exchange membrane technology gives the lowest up-front costs combined with the highest available electrical performance.

Minimizes Critical Raw Materials usage

Hydrogen as zero-carbon energy is attractive primarily because of the combination of flexibility of deployment and low materials usage, whereas every additional unit of battery storage demands additional critical materials to facilitate that storage. Hydrolite’s advanced electrolysis technology combines high efficiency and performance with minimal critical material use, so that with renewable power sourcing, Hydrolite’s Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator- eHG provides certifiable Green Hydrogen at the lowest cost per kg, but also at highest scalability.

Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator- for Green H2 Production

High Performance

-45 KWh to produce
1 kg of H2
H2, quality – 99.999%

Low Capex

-$500 per KW

Production Cost of H2

-$1.22 per kg
ex. electricity costs

Water Quality

Low Requirements
(tap, brine)
Unlike PEM which requies
deionized water


10 Years


Quiet, no emissions, 95% recyclable

Minimal water quality requirements

Hydrolite’s Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator systems can run on regular tap water with no need for deionization further adding to operational convenience, flexibility and scalability.

Technical info Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator

Generation 1 Hydrolite Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator – eHG

Nominal system size (Power Output)* 10-50kW
Peak efficiency 42-45 kWh/kg H2
Output hydrogen purity 99.999%
Water purity Conductivity