Hydrolite Fuel cell System

Hydrolite Fuel cell System – FCS

Hydrolite Fuel cell system – FCS provides reliable, flexible, emissions-free power. Well suited to UPS / Backup, Critical power applications, Off-Grid / Edge-of-grid sites, etc.,

Hydrolite Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems provide you with affordable, total energy independence. Free of Diesel and Fossil Gas, the unit operates free of smells, noise pollution, oily engine parts or fuel spills – and when supplied with Green Hydrogen, is 100% climate friendly.

Keep Your Site Running

Hydrolite Hydrogen fuel cell system solutions will keep your batteries charged and your site running – indefinitely. A standard unit can run alone for well over 10h between hydrogen cylinder exchanges, or when supplementing battery storage, it converts a short-term UPS to a virtually unlimited run-time power unit. Your Hydrolite Fuel cell system will run for 10-15y with low maintenance costs.

Hydrogen Recharge Your Energy

Hydrogen cylinder exchange instantly recharge your energy unit after (or during) each use. Or – consider an Hydrolite Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator, to make your own fuel whenever the grid is up.
With battery systems costing up to thousands of dollars per kWh, the fuel cell system also allows an unlimited amount of storage – determined by your choice of the number of hydrogen tanks – with refueling at just a few tens of cents per kWh.

Our AEM Fuel Cell

High performance, Low cost

High Performance

5-10 kW Device
50%-60% Efficiency

Low Capex& Opex

As a result of our unique technology unique technology


up to 100kW building blocks

Long backup time

Up to several days


10 -15 Years

Green System

Quiet, no emissions, 95% recyclable

Unmatched Flexibility

The first-generation fuel cell system product is available as a 5-10kW unit with ca. 100kWh of available energy as standard. Available energy can be added at very low cost, with every additional kg of H2 kept on-site adding ~18 kWh of energy storage.

Larger power ranges can be achieved with multiple systems, or talk to us about possibilities for hundreds- to thousands of kW power systems.

Fuel Cell – For Stationary Applications

A Cleaner Solution

The Hydrolite Full Cell System is entirely free of oiled parts, emits no smells, pollutants or spills and built largely from recyclable components. As well as being reliable it is quiet, inconspicuous, and – if powered by Green Hydrogen – entirely carbon-neutral.

Technical fuel cell system solution

Generation 1 Hydrolite FCS “at a glance”

System size (Power Output) 5-10 kW
Minimum Run-time at full power 10h
Run-time at nominal power 20h+
Run-time with a partner battery 24-100+ h
Size with fuel cylinders 75 x 250 x 200 cm
FCS unit size 75 x 140 x 200 cm