Our products

Energy Storage and Conversion with Alkaline Exchange Membrane (AEM) Devices

HYDROLITE’s next-generation AEM device technology allows to retain the materials cost advantages of traditional liquid electrolyte Alkaline Fuel Cells, while preserving the polymer exchange membrane strengths seen today in PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) devices, with respect to power density, dynamic response and cyclability.

  • Fuel Cell System – Hydrogen Power Supply

    Next generation backup power: reliable, flexible, zero-emissions unit. Hydrolite’s Full Cell System – FCS is free of diesel and fossil gas, smells, noise pollution, oily parts and fuel spills. Net-Zero carbon when supplied with Green Hydrogen.

  • Electrolyzer HG Power to Hydrogen Generator

    State-of-the-art cost and efficiency water electrolyzer. Inputs of just tap water and electricity to cheaply and cleanly generate hydrogen gas for multiple decarbonization and energy storage applications. When the Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator –  eHG is run on renewable energy, produces certifiable Green Hydrogen.