Hydrogen Storage
for Grid Integrating Renewables

Hydrogen Storage for Grid Integration of Renewables

The global need to eliminate carbon emissions, combined with rapidly advancing renewable energy generation and storage technologies, drives increasing penetration of renewable power generation. Serious challenges arise though, in the quest to meet demand with 100% renewable sources like wind and solar power.

Fuels such as fossil fuels, hydrogen, and others are examples of stored energy, held within the chemical bonds of unrestrictedly storable, transportable and tradable materials. Able to be made from just electricity and water, Hydrogen is the ideal carbon-free fuel for the 21st century and beyond.

The Challenge

When “average” renewable generation rate is

  • 10% of capacity – little storage needed (batteries etc.)
  • 50% of capacity – significant storage needed
  • 100% of capacity – huge amounts of storage needed for 100% supply at all times

Fossil-based energy (fuel) has storage included.
This storage capacity is lost when fossil fuel power plants are removed.
Hydrogen, as a carbon-free fuel, allows 100% carbon-free grid:

Getting to Net Zero

Path to net-zero emission / 100% renewables for any given power market:

  1. Electrify “everything”
  2. Create power “Exporters”: Establish local renewable generation capacity of >>100%
  3. Electricity importers use zero-carbon power
  4. Store excess generation as hydrogen
  5. Enable Hydrogen consumers

For your home, business, neighborhood, community, city, country:

  •  Are you an exporter or an importer?
  • It’s up to you!! Which makes the most sense for your situation?
  • Either way, you can be profitably net-zero

Net Exporters

Conversion between electricity and hydrogen provides an economic route for any jurisdiction, of any size from single household to entire continent, to choose energy self-sufficiency via installation of renewable power generation capacity greater than local demand, with any excess being used to generate hydrogen.


Net Importers

Others will be able to elect to be net energy importers – without the need to rely on fossil fuel backup – when a hydrogen supply is available.