Who We Are

HYDROLITE is helping to accelerate the green energy revolution through superior, low cost green hydrogen generation and power delivery solutions.
Our steadfast vision of relentless advancement ultimately to realize the fundamental advantages made available by combining
the alkaline environment with exchange membrane technology.
We combine world leading technical expertise with innovative systems design towards realizing our vision of affordable, green hydrogen solutions.

Our Products

  • Fuel Cell System – Hydrogen Power Supply

    Next generation backup power: reliable, flexible, zero-emissions unit. Hydrolite’s Fuel Cell System – FCS is free of diesel and fossil gas, smells, noise pollution, oily parts and fuel spills. Net-Zero carbon when supplied with Green Hydrogen.

  • Electrolyzer HG Power to Hydrogen Generator

    State-of-the-art cost and efficiency water electrolyzer. Inputs of just tap water and electricity to cheaply and cleanly generate hydrogen gas for multiple decarbonization and energy storage applications. When the Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator – eHG is run on renewable energy, produces certifiable Green Hydrogen.

Our Technology

  • AEM (Anion exchange membrane (AEM)) Fuel Cell

    • Producing electricity directly from hydrogen
    • More efficient than combustion engines
    • Low noise, robust, few moving parts
    • Emissions-free
  • AEM (Anion exchange membrane (AEM)) Electrolyzer

    • Producing Hydrogen with inputs of only water and electricity
    • 100% Green Hydrogen when power is sourced renewably