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AEM Electrolyzer Technology

The advantages of AEM Electrolyzers technology are applicable both to the generation of and use of hydrogen, ie both Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers. In the quest to advance the roll-out of hydrogen technology, both the the capability and capacity both to supply and to make use of stored hydrogen energy need to be addressed. HYDROLITE is drawing on a decade of AEM materials and systems development in the Fuel Cell to generate highly competitive hydrogen generating devices capable of reducing the cost of so-called Green Hydrogen to competitive, sub-$3/kg levels.

The electrolyzer device though using different catalytic materials from the fuel cell, functions in essence like the fuel cell running in reverse:

2H2O(l) + Electrical Energy ⇒ 2H2(g) + O2(g)

The concept of scaling work in the same way – single cells are assembled into electrolyzer stacks, which can be combined to form any arbitrary sized module that may be sized from a few kW to tens of MW.


Principle of operation of an AEM Water Electrolyzer

Principle of operation of an AEM Water Electrolyzer

Multiple critical materials cost drivers are eliminated with HYDROLITE AEM Device Technology, while retaining the performance advantages of exchange membrane fuel cells. Our technology is set to help enable the rapid emergence of a Hydrogen Economy towards deep decarbonization over the coming decades.