latter use AEM fuel cell technology

AEM fuel cell technology

Based on alkaline exchange membrane AEM technology, the Hydrolite fuel cell Systems provides reliable, flexible, emissions-free power. Leveraging over a decade of innovation in alkaline membrane fuel cell systems, Hydrolite combines the dynamic performance of membrane fuel cells with a benign, electrolyte-free alkaline environment to deliver lowest-cost hydrogen power solutions.


green hydrogen net-zero carbon emissions

In the race to net-zero carbon emissions, increasingly rapid deployment of renewables – solar and wind – is accompanied by the imperative to convert transient power production to stored energy-on-demand.

Hydrolite units can run continuously alone for over 10h, before refueling with simple exchange or refill of hydrogen cylinders, or supplement battery storage to achieve virtually unlimited run-time for your power unit.


Fuel cell system in action

Hydrolite Fuel cell system – FCS provides reliable, flexible, emissions-free power. Well suited to UPS / Backup, Critical power applications, Off-Grid / Edge-of-grid sites, etc.,

Hydrolite Fuel Cell Systems provide you with affordable, total energy independence.
Free of Diesel and Fossil Gas, the unit operates free of smells, noise pollution, oily engine parts or fuel spills – and when supplied with Green Hydrogen, is 100% climate friendly.


Great solution for your site running

For the first few minutes of power backup, your battery is a great solution. For all the rest, Hydrolite Hydrogen solutions will keep your batteries charged and your site running.

The Gen 1 system is an entry-level building block, towards larger systems from tens of kilowatts to megawatt-scale, modular and customizable solutions.